The Fate of Turkish Loan Words in the Bulgarian Language as a Mirror of Some Specific Traits in the National Mentality

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  • Maxim Stamenov
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  • Year: 16-12-2011
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The work is a systematic study of the Turkish lexical loan fund in Bulgarian language in terms of the history of its occupation, spreading and usage to the present day. It aims to show how and why these words reflect the influence of Ottoman Turkish culture on Bulgarian language and culture, i.e what is the so-called Ottoman heritage in our language. Turkish words in the Bulgarian language provide us with unique opportunities to explore from different points of view the manifestations of intercultural conflict and what are its most important consequences. Based on rich language material, analyzes and summaries, the reader acquires an in-depth understanding of how the dissimilation between these two languages and cultures take place after a long period of unilateral and vast cultural influence due to undesirable and unacceptable historical circumstances.

The study relates to the linguistic theory and practice in lexicology and lexicography, semantics, stylistics, pragmatics and psychology of language as well as the psychology of emotions, psychology of personality and interpersonal relations (as they are reflected in language), theory of language and cultural contacts in human and social sciences.

About the Author

Maxim Stamenov

Maxim Stamenov

Assoc. Prof. Maxim Stamenov is Head of the Department of General and Applied Linguistics at the Institute for Bulgarian Language "Prof. L. Andreychin" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He works in... Read more

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Tags: Linguistics, Culturology, Philology, Lexicology, Handbooks & Teaching Aids

Year 16-12-2011
Pages 872
Size 165/235 мм
Weight 1.54 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Linguistics, Culturology, Philology, Lexicology, Handbooks & Teaching Aids

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