Turkey in 100 Questions

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  • Dorothee Schmid
  • Author:  Dorothee Schmid
  • Year: 26-03-2018
  • Translator from French: Iliyana OchkovaSimeon Angelov
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Why did the Ottoman Empire collapse? Why didn't Turks recognize Armenian genocide? What is the place of Islam in society? What do they call a "deep state"? Why is Erdogan popular? What are the Turkish relations with Iran? Why are there so many Syrian refugees now in Turkey? Is there an alternative to joining the European Union?

Among other things, Turkey also draws attention as a possible model for the Arab world: high economic growth, preserved national identity, cultural boom ... Тhis young Republic has changed its image since 2002 under the leadership of the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. With turbulent foreign policy and controversial relations with Europe, more than ever, Turkey is at the center of major regional conflicts related to migrants, terrorism, Kurds, Syria ... From the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to the secular Kemalist Republic, from the restriction of personal freedoms to the growing presence of religion - through the answers to hundreds of questions, Dorothy Schmidt will introduce you to the real situation in the country. Behind the face of the strong state, Turkey is actually deeply divided.

About the Author

Dorothee Schmid

Dorothee Schmid

Specialist of the EU policies in Mediterranean countries and the Middle-East, Dorothée Schmid is in charge of Ifri's Turkey programme since 2008. Her research focuses on internal political development... Read more

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Tags: Turkey,Islam,History of the Islamic World,Historical Figures,Modern History,Political Science & Politics,Geopolitics,Culturology

Year 26-03-2018
Translator from French: Iliyana OchkovaSimeon Angelov
Pages 250
Size 130/200 мм
Weight 0.39 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Turkey, Islam, History of the Islamic World, Historical Figures, Modern History, Political Science & Politics, Geopolitics, Culturology

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