Phraseological Dictionary of the village of Chereshnitsa, Kostursko

  • Blagoy Shklifov
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  • Year: 12-12-2016
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In front of you is the first of its kind phrasaeological dialect dictionary of speech microsystem. It gives information about the language, history, customs, morality and inner emotional world of the Bulgarians from the Aegean Macedonia during the tragic time of the 20th century.

Prof. Ph.D. Blagoy Shklifov is the most significant researcher of the Bulgarian language spoken in Aegean Macedonia. As one of the thousands of fugitive children from the Civil War in Greece, the author keeps the love and pain of losing his native land and mother language to later turn them into their mission and destiny. The present work, Shklifov, writes throughout his whole creative path. Systemically, for decades, he collected and cataloged more than 3500 phrases and illustrations from his native village Chereshnitsa, Kostursko. After his death, his wife, Ekaterina Shklifova, also a linguist, handles his archives in order for this fundamental work to be published, and the beautiful and vivid phrasalisms in the Bulgarian dialect beyond the state borders to be preserved for the memory of the generations.

About the Author

Blagoy Shklifov

Blagoy Shklifov

Blagoy Stefanov Shklifov (1935–2003) was a Bulgarian dialectologist and phonologist. Shklifov was born in Polykeraso (Chereshnitsa), Vitsi municipality, Kastoria Prefecture, Greece in 1935. In 1948, a... Read more

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Tags: Говор и диалекти, Dictionaries

Year 12-12-2016
Pages 416
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Genre Говор и диалекти, Dictionaries

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