Maxim Stamenov

Maxim Stamenov

Assoc. Prof. Maxim Stamenov is Head of the Department of General and Applied Linguistics at the Institute for Bulgarian Language "Prof. L. Andreychin" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He works in the field of theoretical linguistics and psycholinguistics and in particular on problems related to the modeling of the cognitive, emotional-affective and cultural-specific components of linguistic significance. Author of the monograph Problems of the Importance in Subjective Semantics (1993). Co-author in several collective works, including Linguistics of the Text (1995), Language and Consciousness (1998), Text Pragmatics (2001), Language and Mentality (2004) and others.

The Fate of Turkish Loan Words in the Bulgarian Language as a Mirror of Some Specific Traits in the National Mentality

The Fate of Turkish Loan Words in the Bulgari...

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