Brain, Language and Consciousness

  • Author:  Tatyana Chernigovskaya
  • Year: 17-10-2022
  • Translator from Russian: Vladimir Naidenov
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-1100-9
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The argument about which came first in human nature - thinking or language - has been going on for decades. The brain speaks to us in verbal language. This is how it shows us how the world is structured in the mind, explaining space and time, natural laws and phenomena, sounds, shapes and abstractions - and we have to decode this multi-sensory information depending on the situation. Like Schrödinger's Cheshire cat's smile, the meanings of words can disappear, change, or lack appropriate labels, and in order to communicate, we must be trained in the system of signs and share common conceptions of the mental and physical world. By studying the manifestations of consciousness in verbal language, we try to understand how the ideal and the material interact, what the human is, and to what extent biology determines culture - and vice versa. 

"Brain, Language and Consciousness" is a collection of selected articles on research in linguistics and sensory physiology, neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, semiotics and philosophy. The book reflects the author's views on the evolution and nature of verbal language and other higher functions.

About the Author

Tatyana Chernigovskaya

Tatyana Chernigovskaya is a PhD in biological and philological sciences, professor and director of the Institute for Cognitive Research at St. Petersburg University, a prominent Russian scholar in the... Read more

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Tags: Brain & Thinking, The Human Brain, Consciousness & Subconsciousness, Future & Technology

Year 17-10-2022
Translator from Russian: Vladimir Naidenov
Pages 400
Size 168/240 мм
Weight 0.450 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Brain & Thinking, The Human Brain, Consciousness & Subconsciousness, Future & Technology

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