The Shaolin Principle

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  • Bernhard Möschtel
  • Author:  Bernhard Möschtel
  • Year: 11-07-2013
  • Translator from German: Zhana Tsenova
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Everyone can get the right decision

It is the thinking and the ability to take immidiately deceisions, that makes the Shaolin monks invincible. Bernhard Möhlschell analyzes their principles of deceision makinng and shows us how we can apply it in our everyday life. Only within seven breaths can we get to our internal resources, ignore external influences and determine the consequences - and make the decision on our own before anyone else does it for us.

The habit is an enemy of good decisions

The biggest danger of mistaken decisions is that we make them because of the habit, on the basis of prejudices or routine. These are bad counselors, as Mösthal shows. Because if we never change direction, it is clear beforehand where our path will end," Shaolin says.

Consider the facts that are important for making the decision and how they affect your situation nad trust your intuition.

About the Author

Bernhard Möschtel

Bernhard Möschtel

Bernhard Möschtel is an internationally recognized lecturer, author and corporate consultant in leadership and life-change. He was born in 1970 in Vienna. After graduating from high school in Vienna, ... Read more

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Tags: Eastern Wisdom & Philosophy,Spiritual Teachings,Success Books,The Way to Happiness,Self-Knowledge & Self-Help

Year 11-07-2013
Translator from German: Zhana Tsenova
Pages 200
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.35 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Eastern Wisdom & Philosophy, Spiritual Teachings, Success Books, The Way to Happiness, Self-Knowledge & Self-Help

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