Memories of Grigor Lenkov

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  • compilation: Tsveta Lenkova
  • Author:  compilation: Tsveta Lenkova
  • Year: 22-02-2019
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...and the deficiencies that I supplied, these have been the cause of my ruin. For when a tree is famed for its fruit  and desired for its appearance, and its fruit is sweet, these very excellencies that are combined in it cause its destruction. For when men see that its leaves are beautiful, and its fruit abundant  and clustering together and sweet, they cut down a branch together with the fruit upon it. The peacock too, owing to  the greatness of its beauty, do men rob of its feathers, and they are the cause of its destruction. And a man who walks in uprightness, and is envied on account of his wealth and  the copiousness of his sustenance, the excellence of his character and the abundance of his successes, his enviers being many and  his enemies clamorous, does not easily escape from ruin.

from "Kalila and Dimna" by Abdullah Ibn al-Muqaffa

About the Author

compilation: Tsveta Lenkova

compilation: Tsveta Lenkova

Tsveta Marinova Lenkova was born on 4 May 1940 in the village of Djurovo, Sofia. In 1957 she graduated from the Russian Language School in Sofia and after that she studied Bulgarian philology. She was... Read more

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Tags: Bulgarian Authors, Biographies & Autobiographies, Memoirs & Documents, Historical Figures, Memoirs

Year 22-02-2019
Pages 416
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.54 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Bulgarian Authors, Biographies & Autobiographies, Memoirs & Documents, Historical Figures, Memoirs
Ива Тодорова 28/06/2019

Поразена съм от тази книга, изключителен труд! От нея лъха щедростта на интелигентния, ерудиран, възпитан човек. Разказва за друго време не само с историите в книгата, но и със самия език. Една от най- ценните книги, на които съм попадала напоследък, спомени за поета и преводач на Пушкин - Григор Ленков.

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