Inimitable Russia

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  • Vladimir Fedorovski
  • Author:  Vladimir Fedorovski
  • Year: 25-05-2005
  • Translator From French: Vladimir Atanasov
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  • ISBN: 954-321-142-6

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This book tells about Russia by looking at it in three different angles. First of all, it is an entertaining reading, a journey in history and love, full of stunning characters: religious fanatics become kings, sorcerers and shamans of the past compete with spiritual writers, leaders and gray cardinals of today. The mighty emperors choose to be transformed into hermits buried in the Siberian snow, Lenin visits the Masonic Lodge in Bellevue, inspired by his French muse, the fortune-tellers and prophets have a decisive influence on the fateful decisions in the Kremlin.

Secondly, it is a practical guide because it offers romantic travel itineraries. Thus, we visit the famous monasteries, sheltered hermitages hidden under inhospitable frosts of Siberia, the homes of great artists and writers, the paths of the Golden Ring, cities and villages of ancient Russia. It also reveals some secrets of the great culinary art in the royal court.

Thirdly, the book leads us - and in this aspect is complete innovation, fully different from the previous books of the cycle - through the winding paths of Russian spirituality, where yesterday’s sages and prophets lead us to the necessity for inner self-knowledge.

About the Author

Vladimir Fedorovski

Vladimir Fedorovski

Vladimir Fedorovski (born in 1950 in Moscow) is a French writer with Russian-Ukrainian origin, a former diplomat, with a doctorate degree in science history. Since 1995, he is a French citizen and is ... Read more

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Tags: Memoirs & Documents,Russia,Behind the Scenes,Culturology,Way of Life & Spirituality

Year 25-05-2005
Translator From French: Vladimir Atanasov
Pages 232
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.29 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Memoirs & Documents, Russia, Behind the Scenes, Culturology, Way of Life & Spirituality

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