The Empresses of Russia

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  • Vladimir Fedorovski
  • Author:  Vladimir Fedorovski
  • Year: 18-02-2005
  • Translator from French: Vladimir Atanasov
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The impact of women on politics has long been rooted in Russia, it is part of an astonishing historical tradition that has made it a real civilization phenomenon. The Russians have acquired the habit of calling these influential women "the Empresses", even when they have no connection to the ruler's family.

The female presence in the state government reach its peak in the 18th century, when in Russia reigne five Empresses - a unique fact in world history. 19th century reveals new features in the profile of these extraordinary women: the triumph of the мuses in shadow that pushes the men to the political scene without stopping to play their secret inspirational role. The twentieth century brought unexpected details to the history, because Russian political leaders - and especially Gorbachev and Yeltsin - have their "women rulers."

Their personal ambitions and psychological features will be in the heart of this book. Passions, betrayals, ruthless clashes, creepy escapes - all the ingredients of the great dramas are present in this book. Facts of the secret archives and the previously unpublished testimonies, mostly concerning the last years, give unexpected points of view to our story

About the Author

Vladimir Fedorovski

Vladimir Fedorovski

Vladimir Fedorovski (born in 1950 in Moscow) is a French writer with Russian-Ukrainian origin, a former diplomat, with a doctorate degree in science history. Since 1995, he is a French citizen and is ... Read more

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Tags: Memoirs & Documents,Political Science & Politics,Culturology,Historical Figures,Russia,Behind the Scenes

Year 18-02-2005
Translator from French: Vladimir Atanasov
Pages 240
Size 21x14
Weight 0.28 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Memoirs & Documents, Political Science & Politics, Culturology, Historical Figures, Russia, Behind the Scenes

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