The Legend of the Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel in the Land of Flanders & Elsewhere

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  • Charles De Coster
  • Author:  Charles De Coster
  • Collection:  "Peaks" Collection
  • Year: 23-01-2017
  • Translator from French: Konstantin Konstantinov
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  • Product Code:  1850-01
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-951-3
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Ulenspiegel was living at Koolkerke, in the intimate favour of a farmer's widow, a sweet and gentle person who refused him nothing of what was hers to give. He was very happy there, petted and made much of, until one day a treacherous rival, an alderman of the village, lay in wait for him early in the morning when he was coming out of the tavern, and would have beaten him with a wooden club. But Ulenspiegel, thinking to cool his rival's anger, threw him into a duck-pond that was full of water, and the alderman scrambled out as best he could, green as a toad and dripping like a sponge.

-from Chapter XXXVII


Based upon scatterings of European folktales and mythologies, this is a romantic drama of human vice and virtue spun around the wanderings of Tyl Ulenspiegel, artist, prankster, and fool.

About the Author

Charles De Coster

Charles De Coster

Charles-Theodore-Henri De Coster (1827–1879) was a Belgian novelist whose efforts laid the basis for a native Belgian literature. He was born in Munich; his father, Augustin De Coster, was a native of... Read more

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Tags: Classics,Historical Fiction,Adventure Novels,Young Adult Novels

Year 23-01-2017
Translator from French: Konstantin Konstantinov
Pages 472
Size 165/235 мм
Weight 0.55 kg
Collection Колекция "Върхове"
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Classics, Historical Fiction, Adventure Novels, Young Adult Novels

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