Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity

  • James D. Gwartney
  • Author:  James D. Gwartney
  • Year: 13-11-2009
  • Translator from English: Stoyan Stoyanov
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  • ISBN: 978-954-321-628-4

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* Do taxes help more than they hurt?
* What effect does redistributing wealth have on our economy---and those who participate in its redistribution?
* What is the role of government?
* How does an economy work?

The authors of this book, James Gwartney, Richard Stroup are all life-long economic educators who know how to use the tools of economics to illuminate why both individuals and nations prosper and how they can be more successful.  

The book is concise, thoughtfully orga­nized, and reader-friendly. Whether the economy is growing, stagnating, or declining,there are basic economic principles that are always operating, such as gains from trade, opportunity cost, ability of prices to communicate information, the importance of diversification, the power of incentives and how they create fundamental differences in market and political decisions. 

Common Sense Economics is written to provide comprehensive and understandable explanations of key principles that will help everyone make better personal and policy choices. Already a classic, the third edition is fully updated and more relevant than ever for a world starved for sound economics.

About the Author

James D. Gwartney

James D. Gwartney

James D. Gwartney (born in September 28, 1940) holds the Gus A. Stavros Eminent Scholar Chair at Florida State University, where he directs the Stavros Center for the Advancement of Free Enterprise an... Read more

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Tags: Economics, Capital & Funds

Year 13-11-2009
Translator from English: Stoyan Stoyanov
Pages 120
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.155 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Economics, Capital & Funds

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