Psychoenergetic therapy

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Psychoenergetic medicine supplements and enriches conventional medicine. Psychoenergetic therapy is particularly effective in overcoming difficult to treat illnesses. Through it the body can be fully stimulated, which creates prerequisites for lasting recovery of health. The authors present experiments conducted in authoritative science centers, which demonstrating the significant effect of psychoenergetic effects on humans, animals, plants, biological macromolecules and various organic and inorganic environments.

The book also found the ancient Hindu conceptual model for the construction of the universe and man, the principles of the Chinese medical Qigong, and some aspects of shamanistic culture. Interesting data for prominent healers is presented. It outlines the biochemical aspect of the energizing effect (called chi in the Chinese tradition).

About the Author

Svetla E. Teodorova, Georgi D. Zdravkov

Svetla E. Teodorova, Georgi D. Zdravkov

Svetla E. Teodorova graduated from Atomic Physics at the Sofia University and specialized in biophysics. She worked as a research associate at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She has original contr... Read more

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Tags: Medicine,The Human Brain,Biology & Evolution,Alternative Medicine,Mental Health,Medical Research Studies

Year 28-02-2014
Pages 380
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.38 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Medicine, The Human Brain, Biology & Evolution, Alternative Medicine, Mental Health, Medical Research Studies

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