Iatrogenesis and Its Elimination through Psychotherapy

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  • Nikola Shipkovensky
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  • Year: 21-12-2016
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This book puts a crucial question about the attitude and behavior of the doctor to the patient. The term Iatrogenesis, formed by the Greek words iatros (doctor) and genesis (origin), refers to any effect on a person resulting from any activity of one or more persons acting as healthcare professionals or promoting products or services as beneficial to health that does not support a goal of the person affected. The author's reasoning, arguments and conclusions are based on his forty-year medical experience (more than 80 personal observations are quoted) as well as the research of the positions of his distinguished colleagues in various fields of medicine.

This book was written by Prof. Shipkovenski in German and it was first published in GDR in 1965. Her second edition was seen in Tokyo in 1975 thanks to Professor Osamu Nakata from the Tokyo University of Medicine and Dentistry. For months, he and three of his assistants translated it pro bono, convinced that it is necessary for Japanese doctors to have it. In 1977 the book finds more readers in the US and Switzerland, rather than Bulgaria.

The study of Shipkovensky's remarkable monograph must be mandatory for medical students all around the world ..."

- Prof. Van Krevellen, editor-in-chief of

International Association of Child Psychiatrists

About the Author

Nikola Shipkovensky

Nikola Shipkovensky

Prof. Nikola Shipkovensky is a Bulgarian psychiatrist, founder of psychopathology and in particular of modern judicial psychiatry in Bulgaria.Nikola was born in the Balkan town of Troyan on December 1... Read more

Tags: Mental Health,Medical Research Studies,Psychotherapy,Trauma & Stress,Psychology Research Studies

Year 21-12-2016
Pages 432
Size 165/235 мм
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Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Mental Health, Medical Research Studies, Psychotherapy, Trauma & Stress, Psychology Research Studies

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