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  • Pavel Angelov
  • Author:  Pavel Angelov
  • Year: 22-02-2018
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"This book is dedicated to human freedom as the most essential human need and the principle of free society as well as the manifestations of human security in a national, integrative and global context. The author argues doubts about today's neoliberal (market-fundamentalist) views on limiting the role of the state, and points out the growing dominance of large capital entities over other market players and civil society. He analyzes the economic relations between labor and capital and freedom as prerequisites for the study of capitalism. He comes to the conclusion that overexposed economic liberalism leads to absorption by the shareholder capital of the consumers of the market society. He concludes that the distribution economy is already inadequate and inapplicable to the modern economic conditions and proposes solutions such as to form a new economic doctrine based on human freedom.

Pavel Angelov "uses a very clear, understandable style, offering versatile and useful ideas for understanding the change. There are many different concepts and statements that will undoubtedly expand the reader's understanding of the problem."

- Prof. T. Ivanov

About the Author

Pavel Angelov

Pavel Angelov

Pavel Angelov is engaged in teaching and research at the Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski". Since 1987 he has been a lecturer and in the period 2012-2016, he has been Head of the Department of Securit... Read more

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Tags: Books About the Transition, Political Science & Politics, Essays, Economics

Year 22-02-2018
Pages 352
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.49 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Books About the Transition, Political Science & Politics, Essays, Economics

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