• Anne Applebaum
  • Author:  Anne Applebaum
  • Year: 17-09-2020
  • Translator from English: Stanislava Milanova
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In this magisterial and acclaimed history, Anne Applebaum offers the first fully documented portrait of the Gulag, from its origins in the Russian Revolution, through its expansion under Stalin, to its collapse in the era of glasnost.

The Gulag - a vast array of Soviet concentration camps that held millions of political and criminal prisoners--was a system of repression and punishment that terrorized the entire society, embodying the worst tendencies of Soviet communism. Applebaum intimately re-creates what life was like in the camps and links them to the larger history of the Soviet Union. Immediately recognized as a landmark and long-overdue work of scholarship, Gulag is an essential book for anyone who wishes to understand the history of the twentieth century.

About the Author

Anne Applebaum

Anne Applebaum

Anne Elizabeth Applebaum (born July 25, 1964) is an American journalist and historian. She has written extensively about Marxism–Leninism and the development of civil society in Central and Eastern Eu... Read more

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Tags: Russia, Modern History

Year 17-09-2020
Translator from English: Stanislava Milanova
Pages 624
Size 170/240 mm
Weight 0.925 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Russia, Modern History

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