To Dare and to Conquer: Special Operations and the Destiny of Nations, from Achilles to Al Qaeda

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  • Derek Leebaert
  • Author:  Derek Leebaert
  • Year: 24-06-2010
  • Translator from English: English: Pavel Glavusanov
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  • ISBN: 978-954-321-594-2

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The Fifty-Year Wound is the first cohesively integrated history of the Cold War, one replete with important lessons for today. Drawing upon literature, strategy, biography, and economics -- plus an inside perspective from the intelligence community -- Derek Leebaert explores what Americans sacrificed at the same time that they achieved the longest great-power peace since Rome fell. Why did they commit so much in wealth and opportunity with so little sustained complaint? Why did the conflict drag on for decades? What did the Cold War do to the country, and how? What was lost while victory was gained? Leebaert has uncovered an astonishing array of never-published documents and information, including major revelations about American covert operations and Soviet military activities. He has found, in the shadows of one of this century's great, epic stories, the sort of details and explanations that hit with the force of a lightning bolt and will change forever the way we think about our past.

About the Author

Derek Leebaert

Derek Leebaert

Derek Leebaert, who has taught foreign policy at Georgetown University for fifteen years, is a partner in the Swiss management consulting firm, MAP AG. His previous books include The Fifty-Year Woun... Read more

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Tags: Military History,Behind the Scenes,Political Science & Politics,Terrorism & Security,Researches

Year 24-06-2010
Translator from English: English: Pavel Glavusanov
Pages 848
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 1.275 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Military History, Behind the Scenes, Political Science & Politics, Terrorism & Security, Researches

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