Nectar for Your Soul: the Path of Love

  • Vladimir Dubkovskiy, Valeria Dubkovskaya
  • Author:  Vladimir Dubkovskiy, Valeria Dubkovskaya
  • Year: 08-04-2019
  • Translator from Russian: Martha Vladova
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0420-9
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Are we happy in our family life? Are your relationships harmonious? What is the "Formula for Happiness"? What actually marriage is?

Everyone has asked similar questions on different occasions and at different times in their life together.

The family tandem Vladimir and Valeria Dubkovskiy, authors of the best-selling book Nectar for Your Soul, are looking to answer these questions. In their new book on love, they help us to improve our relationships, rediscover love for ourselves and our partner. In times when happy couples are a rare on the background of mass failures in love, these authors show us how to change our outlook on life to build a meaningful and lasting relationship.

This book is not only a call for divine harmony in relations between men and women, but also a concrete practical guide to the path of love and happy union between two.

About the Author

Vladimir Dubkovskiy, Valeria Dubkovskaya

Vladimir Dubkovskiy, Valeria Dubkovskaya

Vladimir Dubkovskiy was born in 1953 in Leningrad (modern day Saint Petersburg), Russian Federation. After graduating from law school at Leningrad State University, he served with the Military Prosecu... Read more

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Nectar for Your Soul

Nectar for Your Soul

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Tags: Success Books,The Way to Happiness,Self-Knowledge & Self-Help,Spiritual Teachings,Relationships,Personal Development

Year 08-04-2019
Translator from Russian: Martha Vladova
Pages 224
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.3 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Success Books, The Way to Happiness, Self-Knowledge & Self-Help, Spiritual Teachings, Relationships, Personal Development

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