Latin and Greek Winged Words

  • Georgi Batakliev
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Classical languages ​​- Latin, Ancient Greek - reveal a great wealth that laid the foundations of European literature and culture. Ancient thought and wisdom enriches the contemporary creators of science and art. Its bearers - the historians Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophontus, Livius and Tacitus, the philosophers Plato, Aristotle and Seneca, the satirists Lucian and Horatius -  the Greek and Roman writers -  and their eternal works, also hand it over to us.

The phrase winged words", which was inserted by Homer in "Iliad" and "Odyssey", is related to the beginning of European literature. Ancient Greek and Latin literary quotations and phraseological units, pass into ancient speech, mythological traditions, and fiction literature. They enrich the works of ancient Greek and Latin epic poets, philosophers, playwrights, and historians, who give birth to the wisdom of the Antiquity. We encounter them in the legal formulas and in the Bible - in the Old Testament, originally written in Hebrew, and in the New Testament, created in Greek.

- Georgi Batakliev


About the Author

Georgi Batakliev

Georgi Batakliev

Georgi Petrov Batakliev is a Bulgarian translator of works by ancient authors, as well as a number of Byzantine and Western sources for medieval Bulgarian history. Georgi Batakliev shared with Alexand... Read more

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