100 Ways to Motivate Others

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  • Steve Chandler
  • Author:  Steve Chandler
  • Year: 06-06-2006
  • Translator from English: Hristina Ambareva
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The world of leadership has changed dramatically since 100 Ways to Motivate Others was written.

This is a vital, user-friendly, inspirational guide for executives, managers, and professionals - and those aspiring to reach their level. 100 Ways to Motivate Others is based on years of successful live workshops, seminars, and personal coaching programs on communication and leadership.

This edition includes fresh insights into communication and rapid decision-making, the importance of personal self-leadership and physical energy, and exciting new methods for enrolling clients and selling to customers in service-oriented ways that leave behind the old paradigm of manipulation and persuasion. The author will help you learn:

  • How to slow down and enjoy a new level of focus.
  • How to build on your peoples' strengths.
  • A simple and creative way to hold people accountable.
  • How to enjoy cultivating the art of supportive confrontation.

Steve Chandler's coaching has had a tremendous impact in my life. He was vital to my personal transformation from a man of ideas and dreams to a person of action and reality."

-Radames Soto, former managing director, The Wall Street Journal

Steve Chandler lights you up with the glow of his internal neon--what he proposes is so rock solid and reassuring.

-Lisa Schnebly, The Arizona Republic

About the Author

Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler is known as America's notoriously unorthodox personal growth guru that has helped thousands of people transform their lives and businesses. Steve gives us a choice: Either continue to t... Read more

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Tags: Influence & Persuasion, Practical Guides, The Way to Happiness

Year 06-06-2006
Translator from English: Hristina Ambareva
Pages 266
Size 120/200 мм
Weight 0.263 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Influence & Persuasion, Practical Guides, The Way to Happiness

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