Individual Differences in Decision Making

  • Georgi Karastoyanov
  • Author:  Georgi Karastoyanov
  • Year: 21-09-2018
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The monograph attempts to provide an empirically grounded answer to a number of discussional scientific issues related to individual decision-making differences by building a comprehensive conceptual model and constructing a specifically selected toolbox as a prerequisite for creating an empirically validated methodology in the field of research of individual differences in decision-making.

Original empirical results have been obtained confirming that the style of decision-making is not identical to cognitive style (nor is it a subset, but contains a cognitive component that does not exhaust any of the styles) and is related to mental self-regulation due to individual differences, generated by the ways of satisfying the hedonistic motif (regulatory focus and fashion), the need to control excitement (stress control), and the need for connectivity and increased self-esteem. These results are a prerequisite for the further development of individual decision-making research as well as the decision-making theory itself, because it allows for a fuller consideration of individual differences and their interaction with the characteristics of the situation and the problem that is being solved.

The methodological basis of the study is the cognitive survival theory of Seymour Epstein. The results and theoretical summaries obtained empirically confirm the validity of the global personality theory that has the potential to explain new scientific problems, incorporating private theories such as E. Tory Higgins' motivational theory and Mark R. Leary's sociometric mechanism.

About the Author

Georgi Karastoyanov

Georgi Karastoyanov

Georgi Karastoyanov is Associate Professor of Psychology (2002) at the Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski" and New Bulgarian University, Ph.D. in Psychology (Institute of Psychology, BAS, 1995). He has ... Read more

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Tags: Psychology Research Studies, Educational Psychology

Year 21-09-2018
Pages 260
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Genre Psychology Research Studies, Educational Psychology

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