My Korean Grammar II

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My Korean Grammar II is a must-have book for learning Korean grammar and for preparing for TOPIK II (Test of Proficiency in Korean). This book contains 127 grammatical items essential for intermediate level learning of the Korean language. Forms and meaning are presented with examples. It improves understanding by the friendly explanation of grammar which is difficult for foreigners such as irregular verbs, various usage expressions and dropouts as well as verb rules.

   - Grammar key points like the conjugations of verbs, the usages of post-positional words are clearly arranged in charts.

   - Essential grammar for the intermediate level is given in Korean and English explanations

   - Rich example sentences and vocabulary, and also essential exercise are provided to help the learners to acquire the accurate meaning and usage of the Korean grammar.

This series of books is designed to provide grammatical elements for learners who are eager to learn Korean grammar in a systematic and accurate way. This series can be used as a reference in the process of learning Korean as a second or foreign language. It can also be used in preparing for TOPIK II.

About the Author

Gwon-Jin Choi, Kyeong Ok Song, So Young Kim

Gwon-Jin Choi, Kyeong Ok Song, So Young Kim

Assoc. Prof. Dr. So Young Kim is a lecturer at the Center for Koreanology at Sofia University. She defended her doctoral dissertation in Bulgarian language in Sofia. She teaches practical Korean langu... Read more

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Tags: Grammar Books,Handbooks & Teaching Aids,Workbooks,Textbooks,Korea,Dictionaries & Self Taught Books

Year 13-07-2017
Pages 400
Size 168/240 мм
Weight 0.42 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Grammar Books, Handbooks & Teaching Aids, Workbooks, Textbooks, Korea, Dictionaries & Self Taught Books

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