A Writer at War


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When the Germans invaded Russia in 1941, Vasily Grossman became a special correspondent for the "Red Star", the Soviet Army's newspaper, and reported from the frontlines of the war. A Writer at War depicts in vivid detail the crushing conditions on the Eastern Front, and the lives and deaths of soldiers and civilians alike. Witnessing some of the most savage fighting of the war, Grossman saw firsthand the repeated early defeats of the Red Army, the brutal street fighting in Stalingrad, the Battle of Kursk (the largest tank engagement in history), the defense of Moscow, the battles in Ukraine, the atrocities at Treblinka, and much more. Antony Beevor and Luba Vinogradova have taken Grossman's raw notebooks, and fashioned them into a gripping narrative providing one of the most even-handed descriptions --at once unflinching and sensitive -- we have ever had of what Grossman called “the ruthless truth of war”.

About the Author

Vasily Grossman. Edited by Antony Beevor and Lyuba Vinogradova

Vasily Grossman. Edited by Antony Beevor and Lyuba Vinogradova

Vasily Grossman was born in 1905. In 1941 he became a war reporter for the Red Army newspaper "Red Star" and came to be regarded as a legendary war hero. Life and Fate, his masterpiece, was consi... Read more

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Tags: Military History, Researches, Memoirs & Documents

Year 28-03-2022
Translator from English: Maria Kondakova
Pages 368
Size 168/240 мм
Weight 0.400 кг
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Military History, Researches, Memoirs & Documents
Мартин 15/07/2022

Здравейте. Бих искал да попитам дали е предвидено тази книга да бъде закупена в електронен вариант?!

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