Absent Fathers, Lost Sons: The Search for Masculine Identity

  • Guy Corneau
  • Author:  Guy Corneau
  • Year: 10-07-2017
  • Translator From English: Lyudmila Andreeva
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0067-6
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An experience of the fragility of conventional images of masculinity is something many modern men share. Psychoanalyst Guy Corneau traces this experience to an even deeper feeling men have of their fathers' silence or absence—sometimes literal, but especially emotional and spiritual. Why is this feeling so profound in the lives of the postwar "baby boom" generation—men who are now approaching middle age?

Because, he says, this generation marks a critical phase in the loss of the masculine initiation rituals that in the past ensured a boy's passage into manhood. In his engaging examination of the many different ways this missing link manifests in men's lives, Corneau shows that, for men today, regaining the essential "second birth" into manhood lies in gaining the ability to be a father to themselves—not only as a means of healing psychological pain, but as a necessary step in the process of becoming whole.

About the Author

Guy Corneau

Guy Corneau

Psychoanalyst of formation, Guy Corneau does not have a traditional career. His interest first turned towards the theater. Director of the troupe Organization - a creative collective, he wrote, perfor... Read more

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Tags: Relationships, Educational Psychology, Pedagogy, Mental Health, Parenting & Child Development, Trauma & Stress

Year 10-07-2017
Translator From English: Lyudmila Andreeva
Pages 216
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.25 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Relationships, Educational Psychology, Pedagogy, Mental Health, Parenting & Child Development, Trauma & Stress
Стела Динева 12/09/2020

Мисля, че всеки би имал полза да прочете тази книга, но особено ценна е тя за мъжете, разбира се. Ако сте баща, тя ще ви даде ценни знания и подкрепа, които да изведат връзката със сина ви на по - високо ниво и по този начин да отгледате човек, който се чувства комфортно със себе си.
Синовете пък имат шанса да запълнят липсите, причинени от отсъстващите им (физически и/или емоционално) бащи.
За жените също е ценно четиво, защото ни превежда през мъжкия свят по съвсем различен начин от този, с който сме свикнали. Ако сте майка на син, книгата е безценен пътеводител за психично мъжко здраве.

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