The Theorem of Incompleteness. Contexts of Interpretation

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  • Rosen Lyutskanov
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  • Year: 23-06-2010
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The Theorem of Incompleteness is one of the most important scientific achievements gained over the last century, and the name of its discoverer Kurt Gödel is often mentioned alongside the names of Aristotle and Einstein. Its ingenious proof overturned our notions of the essence of mathematics, revealed the relation between truth and veracity, and demonstrated the possibilities of the axiomatic method. It has become one of the founding achievements of mathematical logic, which continues to motivate its turbulent development, which is reflected in the emergence of new and new formal systems. In recent decades, attempts have been made to interpret Göedel's theorem as an indication of the principle limitation of human knowledge or, on the contrary, to prove the superiority of human reason over the machine intellect.

This book it's not about these attempts, it puts the far more modest task rather than telling what Göddel really discovered in the 1930s, discussing in various angles the main moments of his proof, the concepts and arguments that he used. It aims to provide the readers with a convenient starting point from which they themselves embark on, a journey full of surprises - a study of mathematical theorems, and their philosophical interpretations.

About the Author

Rosen Lyutskanov

Rosen Lyutskanov

Rosen Lyutskanov graduated from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. He defended dissertation on logic at the Institute of Philosophical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has partici... Read more

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Tags: Mathematics & Physics, Famous Scientists

Year 23-06-2010
Pages 264
Size 140/215 мм
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Mathematics & Physics, Famous Scientists

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