Vanga: Beyond Limits

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  • Svetla Teodorova
  • Author:  Svetla Teodorova
  • Year: 12-07-2018
  • Translator The book is written in Russian by the author
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This book is fundamentally different from everything written so far about Vanga.

The most sensational in it is that it doesn't seek а sensation. This is the first book that analyzes cases from Vanga's practice and explains them in a new way. A scientist stands open to the point that alternative knowledge cleared from speculation may have a place in the life of modern man and also can bring a scientific knowledge. This is a book that opposes pseudoscience. It has been shown that Vanga's conversations with the "dead" and her prophecies are not miracles, as long as the adequate point of view is chosen, although it is unconventional. A classification of clairvoyant capabilities of Vanga is proposed. The author's hypothesis is based on the critical use of elements of occult knowledge, the concept of world-known scientists Penrose and Hameroff for the functioning of consciousness and self-perception.

About the Author

Svetla Teodorova

Svetla Teodorova

Svetla E. Teodorova has graduated with a degree in Atomic Physics at the Sofia University. She has specialized in biophysics. She works as a senior scientist in biophysics at the Bulgarian Academy of ... Read more

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Tags: Scientific Theories, Esoterism, Foreign Language Books

Year 12-07-2018
Translator The book is written in Russian by the author
Pages 320
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.456 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Scientific Theories, Esoterism, Foreign Language Books

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