Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, How to Get It Back if You Lose It

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  • Marshall Goldsmith
  • Author:  Marshall Goldsmith
  • Year: 28-10-2011
  • Translator from English: Snezhana Mileva
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Mojo is the moment when we do something that's purposeful, powerful, and positive and the rest of the world recognizes it. This book is about that moment--and how we can create it in our lives, maintain it, and recapture it when we need it.

In his follow-up to the New York Times bestseller What Got You Here Won't Get You There, #1 executive coach Marshall Goldsmith shares the ways in which to get--and keep--our Mojo. Our professional and personal Mojo is impacted by four key factors: identity (who do you think you are?), achievement (what have you done lately?), reputation (who do other people think you are--and what have you've done lately?), and acceptance (what can you change--and when do you need to just "let it go"?). Goldsmith outlines the positive actions leaders must take, with their teams or themselves, to initiate winning streaks and keep them coming.

Mojo is: that positive spirit--towards what we are doing--now--that starts from the inside--and radiates to the outside. Mojo is at its peak when we are experiencing both happiness and meaning in what we are doing and communicating this experience to the world around us. The Mojo Toolkit provides fourteen practical tools to help you achieve both happiness and meaning--not only in business, but in life.

About the Author

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith (born March 20, 1949) is an American leadership coach, the author of several management-related books. Goldsmith was born in Valley Station, Kentucky, and received a degree in mathe... Read more

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Tags: Success Books, The Way to Happiness, Practical Guides

Year 28-10-2011
Translator from English: Snezhana Mileva
Pages 338
Size 130/200 мм
Weight 0.45 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Success Books, The Way to Happiness, Practical Guides

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