Vidritsa. Volume 2

  • Mincho Kanchev
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  • Year: 03-04-2017
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Vidritsa" is a handwritten book by the Bulgarian revolutionary and public figure from the end of the 19th century, Pop Mincho Kanchev. It is a collection of vitae, narrative, memoirs, diary, travel notes, insights and correspondence. The manuscript, which consists of over 2200 pages, is one of the last Bulgarian illustrated handwriting books. It is kept in the Bulgarian Historical Archive in the National Library in Sofia.

The book is a valuable direct testimony of the epoch of the Bulgarian Revival with the historical data it provides about the era of hajduci (romanticised hero figure, freedom fighters), the work of Vasil Levski, the Stara Zagora Uprising and the exiles in Diyarbakir. Among them are the customs and holidays of Bulgarians from the 19th century.

About the Author

Mincho Kanchev

Mincho Kanchev

Mincho Kanchev Stoyanov is a Bulgarian priest and revolutionary, a participant of the national liberation movement, a Diyarbakir prisoner, author of one of the last Bulgarian illustrated handwritten b... Read more

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Tags: Bulgarian Renaissance, Bulgarian History, Memoirs & Documents, Way of Life & Spirituality, Memoirs

Year 03-04-2017
Pages 408
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.75 kg
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Bulgarian Renaissance, Bulgarian History, Memoirs & Documents, Way of Life & Spirituality, Memoirs

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