The Litany of Re

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  • Teodor Lekov
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  • Year: 12-10-2004
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The book presents a complete translation, transliteration and commentary of the Litany of Re. This book is the first from the series “The sacred books of Ancient Egypt” which includes the translation of the main works of the Egyptian sacred tradition.

The Litany of Re is an important Ancient Egyptian funerary text of the New Kingdom. Like many funerary texts, it was written on the inside of the tomb for reference by the deceased. Unlike other funerary texts, however, it was reserved only for pharaohs or very favored nobility.

It is a two-part composition that in the first part invokes the sun, Ra, in 75 different forms. The second part is a series of prayers in which the pharaoh assumes parts of nature and deities, but mostly of the sun god. Developed in the Eighteenth Dynasty, it also praises the king for his union with the sun god, as well as other deities. The text was used in the entrance of most tombs from the time of Seti I, though we first know of it from the burial chamber of Thutmose III and the tomb of his vizier Useramun.

About the Author

Teodor Lekov

Teodor Lekov

Assoc. Prof. Teodor Lekov is an Egyptologist. He was born in 1969 in Sofia. Prof. Teodor Lekov is a person of encyclopedic knowledge, with profound understanding in all spheres of Egyptology. He condu... Read more

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Tags: Egypt, Anthropology & Archeology, Egyptology

Year 12-10-2004
Pages 292
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.365 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Egypt, Anthropology & Archeology, Egyptology
Стефан 21/12/2015

Теодор Леков заслужава огромно уважение заради усилията му по преводите на древноегипетските текстове. Макар да не са особено издържани в художествено отношение, тези преводи засега са единствени по рода си на български език. Всеки любител на древен Египет заслужава да има в библиотеката си заглавия като: "Литанията на Ре", "Амдуат" и пр. Пожелавам успех на автора и издателството и очаквам още подобни заглавия в бъдеще, както беше обещано в една от творбите на Леков!

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