The One-Man Regime in Bulgaria

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  • Todor Vlaikov
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The prominent publicist and consistent democrat dedicates much of his time and makes a lot of effort to the civic education and enlightenment of the Bulgarian people. Together with another famous political figure in our country - Naicho Tsanov, Vlaikov takes the initiative for the creation of the Radical Democratic Party, which unites the intelligentsia's progressive circles and plays an important role in the struggles of the Bulgarians against the monocracy of Ferdinand I.

Thanks to his political appearances and his journalistic activities, Vlaykov has established himself as a leading ideologist of Radical democracy in Bulgaria. "His political journalism has not lost its significance to this day, as it is an essential part of the democratic political tradition in Bulgaria," said Prof. Dr. Georgi Bliznashki in the foreword. The book is a phototypical edition in which the author Vlaykov draws attention to the form of government of our country during Ferdinand I, which at first glance looks parliamentary, but in its essence is an expression of the personal will of the king, which transforms it into the so-called Monocracy or one-man's regime. Vlaykov explains how this regime developed and established in our country, and besides the work of the prominent Bulgarian public figure, the book also contains a large studies of Prof. Dr. Bliznashki.

About the Author

Todor Vlaikov

Todor Vlaikov

Todor Genchov Vlaikov (1865–1943), also known as Veselin, is a Bulgarian writer, public figure and politician. He was born on 13 February 1865 in the town of Pirdop. He graduated from the Faculty of ... Read more

Tags: Behind the Scenes, Researches, Memoirs & Documents, Political Science & Politics

Year 08-07-2013
Pages 292
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Genre Behind the Scenes, Researches, Memoirs & Documents, Political Science & Politics

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