Yana Yazova: The Curse of the Gift


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Yana Yazova was а Bulgarian intellectual and writer. 

She was born in Lom and received a Master's degree in Slavic philology from Sofia University in 1935. Gancheva also studied French philology at the Sorbonne. She published a historical drama The Last of the Pagans' and a novel The Captain in 1940. From 1942 to 1943, she co-edited the children's magazine Blok with Nikola Balabanov, brother of Prof. Alexander Balabanov, her inventor and lover. Gancheva married another man in 1943. Later in life, she was pressured to write poetry promoting communism but she instead chose to become a recluse.

Her poetry was translated into Esperanto, Czech, Serbian and Ukrainian. She travelled extensively in Europe and the Near East and wrote about her travels.

Her historical novel Alexander of Macedon, the trilogy Balkans and the anti-communist novel The Salt Bay were published after her death.

She was found murdered in her home in Sofia in 1974.

In this book, Petar Velichkov tells about her fate, how is she murdered, the theft of the original manuscripts of her novels Levski, Benkovski, Shipka, Alexander Makedonski and The Salt Bay.

About the Author

Petar Velichkov

Petar Velichkov

Petar Velichkov is a Bulgarian literary historian, textologist, journalist, researcher of the writer Yana Yazova, poet. Born August 27, 1954, in the village of Popovitsa, Plovdiv district. Petar Velic... Read more

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Tags: Theory of Literature,Biographies & Autobiographies,Bulgarian Authors,Yana Yazova

Year 19-08-2020
Pages 240+24 pages pictures
Size 130/200 мм
Weight 0.303 kg
Collection Колекция "Яна Язова"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Theory of Literature, Biographies & Autobiographies, Bulgarian Authors, Yana Yazova

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