Principality of Bulgaria in Historical, Geographical and Ethnographic Aspect Part II

  • Georgi Dimitrov
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  • Year: 01-09-2014
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The second part of "Principality of Bulgaria" concerns the Bulgarian political movements. There is an outline of the last Bulgarian kings. Bulgarian history begins with Kings Simeon I (893-927), Peter I (927-969), Ivan Vladislav (1015-1018), Asen and Theodor-Peter (1186-1197). Special attention was given to Ivan Asen II (1218-1241), who raised the state in such as what it had never been "during the time of Tsar". Also here is a brief overview of Serbian, Turkish and Russian history. After the time of Ivan Assen II, the author notes that from 12 kings to Ivan Alexander (1331-1371) only two died of natural death. Together with the concise but meaningful narrative, images are also attached. The topic of the Ottoman sultans, the creation of the Bulgarian voynuks, the fall of the Bulgarian state under Ottoman rule and the capture of Constantinople were also discussed.

About the Author

Georgi Dimitrov

Georgi Dimitrov

Georgi Georgiev Dimitrov is a Bulgarian teacher, bookseller, public figure. He was born in Kyustendil. In 1851-58 he studied at Kyustendil with Averkiy Popstoyanov, and in 1858-59 he was a teacher in ... Read more

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Tags: Way of Life & Spirituality,Culturology,Folkloristics,Bulgarian Renaissance,Bulgarian History,Encyclopedias

Year 01-09-2014
Pages 544
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Genre Way of Life & Spirituality, Culturology, Folkloristics, Bulgarian Renaissance, Bulgarian History, Encyclopedias

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