Classical Bujutsu

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  • Donn F. Draeger
  • Author:  Donn F. Draeger
  • Year: 29-04-2011
  • Translator From English: Vera Ivanova
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Evolved amid the incessant warfare of medieval Japan, bujutsu, or martial arts," provided the warrior with the technical and psychological training that prepared him to use his weapons in actual combat. Classical Bujutsu emphasizes the intensely practical nature of these martial arts. The author describes sixteen major forms of bujutsu, employing a variety of weapons and techniques.

Although the classical bujutsu was created by and for a special segment of the feudal Japanese society, it is a mistake to conclude that their disciplines are obsolete or intended only for Japanese. Today, in the twentieth century, many schools practicing classic bujutsu have continued to function. In their modern roles these schools represent a cultural reservoir of beliefs, customs and practices that have a beneficial influence on the modern man in his search for ways to improve relations with the society.

Practicing classic martial arts is a unique challenge for every person. Regardless of the degree of personal satisfaction or level of technical skills attained by training in similar contemporary disciplines such as kendo, judo, karate, or aikido, it is worthwhile for all who have an attempt to consider the possibility of studying true classical martial arts. Those who have no experience in any of these modern forms should not give up from the study of classical martial art just for that reason.


About the Author

Donn F. Draeger

Donn F. Draeger

Donald Frederick "Donn" Draeger (1922 –1982) was an internationally known teacher and practitioner of Japanese martial arts. He was the author of several important books on Asian martial arts, and was... Read more

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Tags: Martial Arts, Eastern Practices, Samurais, Japan

Year 29-04-2011
Translator From English: Vera Ivanova
Pages 120
Size 165/235 мм
Weight 0.239 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Martial Arts, Eastern Practices, Samurais, Japan

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