Tell me what hurts you so I can tell you why

  • Michel Odoul
  • Author:  Michel Odoul
  • Year: 06-10-2022
  • Translator from French: Aneta Tosheva
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-1105-4
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Our body speaks. We just have to learn to hear it.

Allergy, fever, chronic pain, inflammation, cyst, lumbago, migraine, rhinitis, obesity, sciatica, cancer, and many others are all signs of internal tension seeking external expression.

Michel Odoul's book is a practical guide for anyone who is looking for the causes of their illness rather than being content to simply treat the symptoms. Through it we will learn to see illness not as the result of bad luck or genetic predisposition, but as a message to the soul, to our inner self. For traditional Eastern medicine, illness is a sign of an obstacle to the realization of the Way of Life.

Odoul reveals the direct link between specific emotional and mental states and specific illnesses and traumas of the body. All pain is a consequence of a particular emotional blockage from which we need to be released. If we learn what the psychoenergetic mechanisms of disease are, we will not only regain our health, but grow spiritually.

Michel Odoul is the founder of the French Institute of Shiatsu and a practicing healer, author of several bestselling health books. Combining Western knowledge with Eastern wisdom, he shares his experience as a psychologist and his knowledge of the world of energies, as well as his belief in the power of Life.

About the Author

Michel Odoul

Michel Odoul

Michel Odoul is a shiatsu and psychoenergetic medicine practitioner as well as the founder of the French Institute of Shiatsu and Applied Physical Psychology. He has appeared at numerous health confer... Read more

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Tags: Alternative Medicine, Healthy Body

Year 06-10-2022
Translator from French: Aneta Tosheva
Pages 240
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.250 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Alternative Medicine, Healthy Body
Еми 28/12/2022

Книгата е страхотна - много ми помогна.

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