Ivan Kostov. Volume 2, Part 2 (1997-2001)

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  • Year: 17-12-2015
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The book uncovers the significant privatization deals of this period, the gigantic thefts and the true malfeasance of the UDF party (Union of Democratic Forces). Ivan Kostov's decisions in a whole range of spheres offers a critical reading of the UDF's NIS protocols and the parliamentary group, hundreds of intriguing facts and documents. Get ready to read the complete reports of the National Security Service, the NSCOC (National Directorate for Combating Organized Crime) on smuggling, confidential documents on high-level corruption in the public administration while the UDF was in power, and the complete history of UDF's greatest betrayal in that period - the unexpected lustration and decommunization. For the first time in public circulation, documents from the archive of the Privatization and Post-Privatization Agency, on the basis of which archeology of privatization is being published and analyzed, such as only Lukanov and Kostov can design and fulfill.

Political banditry and robbery in extraordinary huge sizes - this is the only way that we can briefly describe what you will find in this book. It gives irrefutable answers to all the important issues related to the UDF leader and the Prime Minister Ivan Kostov that you have been asking since this person was involved in the Bulgarian Higher Policy and Governance. Ivan Kostov was a key factor in constructing the Transition as we know it, as well as a major player in the robbery of Bulgaria.

About the Author

Anton Todorov

Anton Todorov

Anton Todorov was born on 19 August 1966 in Radnevo. He graduated in Political Science at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. His diploma thesis deals with the genesis and nature of the patrimonial... Read more

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Tags: Books About the Transition,Political Science & Politics,True Crime Investigations,Behind the Scenes,Memoirs & Documents

Year 17-12-2015
Pages 592
Size 140/215 мм
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Books About the Transition, Political Science & Politics, True Crime Investigations, Behind the Scenes, Memoirs & Documents

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