• Vuk Drašković
  • Author:  Vuk Drašković
  • Year: 28-08-2004
  • Translator From Serbian: Lyudmila Mindova
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Kinfe (Noz), by Vuk Draskovic, created a furor when it was published in 1982, long before the beginning of the Balkan Wars of Succession. the novel was condemmed by the Communist Party and subsequently banned. It is the first of his novels to appear in English.

Alija Osmanovic, the protagonist of Knife, was orphaned during WWII as an infant. He was raised as a Bosnian Muslim and came to believe that the Serbs killed his family. When, as a young medical student, he goes in search of the identity of his murdered birth-parents, a sense of thwarted justice motivates him, and expresses itself as a burning passion for revenge. Alija seeks out Sikter Efendi, an eccentric and reclusive Muslim cleric, to help him interpret clues pointing to his identity. Through his mentorship, Alija discovers the truth: that his heritage is Serbian; that he was born not far away but in the neighboring village; and that his adoptive family was guilty of murdering his birth-family. A crisis of identity ensues. Each possible course of action open to him is bad. How is he to go on?

About the Author

Vuk Drašković

Vuk Drašković

Vuk Drašković (born 29 November 1946) is Serbian writer and politician. He is the leader of the Serbian Renewal Movement, and served as the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ... Read more

Tags: Historical Fiction, Modern Novels

Year 28-08-2004
Translator From Serbian: Lyudmila Mindova
Pages 380
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.43 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Historical Fiction, Modern Novels

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