Ina Dimitrova

Ina Dimitrova

Ina Dimitrova is currently an Assistant Professor at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She held a teaching assistantship (2006-2008) in Sociology of everyday life, History of sociology: the Challenge of Biosciences, Biotechnologies and Biopower, Contemporary philosophy and currently a lectureship in Ontology at Plovdiv University (2008 – present). Recent Publications: Reflexivity and Social Ontology, 2009, Critique and Humansim Publ. House; Prevention of Genetic Disorders in Bulgaria: Genetic Governance and Technologies of the Self. In: Sociological Problems, 1-2, 2011; How We Raised a Monster: Constructing the Image of Socialism during the Post-socialist Period in Bulgaria. In: History of Communism in Europe, M. Stan (ed.). Bucharest: Polirom Publishing House, 2010; National Body Welfare: Self-responsible Individuals and Self-responsible Communities. In: Critique and Humanism, 33(3), pp. 91-110, 2010.

Prenatal Diagnosis and Biopolitics in Bulgaria

Prenatal Diagnosis and Biopolitics in Bulgari...

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