The boiled frog syndrome

  • Emil Yotovski
  • Author:  Emil Yotovski
  • Year: 30-05-2022
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-1054-5
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The book is dedicated to the last gasps of a sick and confused society. About the murder of morality. About the imposition of the new normal. About civilization's decline and the rise of corporate-imposed clichés as value.

Don't underestimate civilization's capacity for self-destruction. 

The first symptoms are a breakdown in morality and the family. They are followed by the breakdown of mores and the replacement of values. The process culminates in the replacement of justice. All this we are already seeing. The new world order is coming and it will not come knocking at our door. It will invade uninvited and brazenly and will remain until humanity passes through another of its dark periods.  

A society accustomed to complacency, to obfuscation of the truth, and to reliance on justice from the shadows is doomed to moral and mental decline. History teaches us that justice is not a gift, but a medal for bravery; sometimes a bloody one.

History is cyclical and repeats itself.

Before the Vandals conquered Rome, the central square of the city was overgrown with weeds and pigs grazed there. Then Europe sank into a thousand years of darkness.

Welcome to the dawn of new dark ages!

About the Author

Emil Yotovski

Emil Yotovski

Emil Yotovski is a Bulgarian screenwriter, writer and journalist. He has also recently been involved in drama writing. He studied medicine and psychiatry, but did not practice. He is the author of sev... Read more

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Tags: Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics

Year 30-05-2022
Pages 176
Size 120/200 мм
Weight 0.200 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics
Биляна Лаловска 06/01/2024

Книга за тук и сега. Заслужава си всяка капачка, която ще съберете за да си я купите ;)

Pros: Чете се на един дъх

Cons: Няма такива

Ивайло Цанков 16/12/2023

Въпреки че книжката е малка и бърза за четене е много стойностна, тъй като темите са представени по много лесен за разбиране и осмисляне начин. Стига да искаш да разбереш каква е реалността и да излезеш от собствената си матрица.

Pros: Бърза и лесна за четене и осмисляне.

Пепа Киркорова 27/12/2022

Книгата е страхотна. Много е развлекателна, чете се лесно. Купих е на доста приятели за коледен подарък. Препоръчвам е от сърце

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