Bulgaria in the big game

  • Stanislav Bachev
  • Author:  Stanislav Bachev
  • Year: 14-04-2022
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Bulgaria is experiencing its time of greatest trial - the war with itself. The crisis of values and the lack of foundations lead to the loss of national direction and goals. The sense of community is being tested, the dividing lines are too many, and one of the few unifying pillars is the common feeling of poverty - first material, but now spiritual. Times of change need as many guiding lights as possible to show that there is a way forward. In this book you will not find apocalyptic incantations about the extinction of the Bulgarian people and their country. By its end you will find hope. This is a book about the strong state in modern times. One that takes its rightful place in international relations within the emerging new world order.

Greatness is the result of accepting the full weight of the past and making the leap despite the burden. Creativity, not imitation, is the only possible path to preserving and transcending the self. Success never comes painlessly, it is a call of need and a spur to action. A beautiful explosion of long preparation and conscious suffering. Bulgaria's difficult present is not an end, but a beginning. As long as it is desired.

About the Author

Stanislav Bachev

Stanislav Bachev

Станислав Бачев е роден в гр. Шумен. Историк от Шуменски университет „Епископ Константин Преславски“ и доктор по политология във Варненски свободен университет „Черноризец Храбър“.... Read more

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Tags: Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics, Journalism

Year 14-04-2022
Pages 104
Size 130/200 мм
Weight 0.120 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Geopolitics, Political Science & Politics, Journalism

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