The Map of the Sky

  • Félix J. Palma
  • Author:  Félix J. Palma
  • Collection:  "Magica" Collection
  • Year: 03-12-2015
  • Translator from Spanish: Svetla Hristova
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  • Product Code:  1640-01
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  • ISBN: 978-619-152-731-1
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The fate of the earth hangs in the balance as H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds is transformed from the work of one writer’s imagination into a terrifying reality for all mankind.

1898. New York socialite Emma Harlow agrees to marry well-to-do Montgomery Gilmore, but only if he first accepts her audacious challenge: to reproduce the Martian invasion featured in H. G. Wells’s popular novel The War of the Worlds. Meanwhile, in London, Wells himself is unexpectedly made privy to certain objects, apparently of extraterrestrial origin, that were discovered decades earlier on an ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic. On that same expedition was an American crew member named Edgar Allan Poe, whose inexplicable experiences in the frozen wasteland would ultimately inspire him to create one of his most enduring works of literature.

When eerie, alien-looking cylinders begin appearing in London, Wells is certain it is all part of some elaborate hoax. But soon, to his great horror, he realizes that a true invasion of Earth has indeed begun. As brave bands of citizens converge on a crumbling London to defend it against utter ruin, Emma and her suitor must confront the enigma that is their love, a bright spark of hope even against the darkening light of apocalypse.

About the Author

Félix J. Palma

Félix J. Palma

Félix José Palma Macías (16 June 1968 ) is a Spanish writer. Palma is best known for The Victorian trilogy: The Map of Time, The Map of the Sky, and The Map of Chaos. The Map of Time has been publishe... Read more

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Tags: , Fantasy, Adventure Novels, Crime, Modern Novels

Year 03-12-2015
Translator from Spanish: Svetla Hristova
Pages 568
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.75 kg
Collection Колекция "Магика"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre , Fantasy, Adventure Novels, Crime, Modern Novels
Любомир Христев 27/11/2015

Велика книга! Magica is back!!!...

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