Dictionary of Transition. Phenomenology and phrenology of the new speech

  • Dimitar Denkov
  • Author:  Dimitar Denkov
  • Year: 30-05-2022
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-1045-3
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Here are alphabetically arranged and crookedly explained words for phenomena and faces, familiar (often painfully) to most adult and underage Bulgarian citizens, consumers of cultural, subcultural and media products, victims of social networks and antisocial dreams. Therefore, there is hardly any need for a dictionary; apart from being infinitely expandable, it is by nature transient, even when directed at future readers and researchers of passing modernities; the dictionary is only an attempt to relay transience. The main focus here is mostly on the ongoing changes of the last chronically stalling transition after 1989. Most explanations resort to previous, now hardly comprehensible meanings and senses, and to associations coming both ghostly and epidemic from forgotten times with resurrected or entirely new word usages. Behind the explained words and phrases stand out transient concepts, images and faces in which, to put it Hegelianically, one looks (for oneself) and looks (at oneself) even when the mirror is crooked (in itself). But it is not infrequently the crooked mirrors that help one to see more clearly the various transitory features of time, cleansed of make-up and pretensions to pure - and therefore simple - true history.

About the Author

Dimitar Denkov

Dimitar Denkov

Dimitar Denkov graduated in Philosophy in 1981 at Sofia University. After specializing in sociology of knowledge, he worked as assistant professor, associate professor and professor of history of phil... Read more

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Tags: Linguistics, Dictionaries, Handbooks & Teaching Aids

Year 30-05-2022
Pages 224
Size 142/215 мм
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Linguistics, Dictionaries, Handbooks & Teaching Aids

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