Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography

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“Bulgarian Lexicology and Lexicography” is a result of the lasting interest of V. Radeva in semantics of the words as the main language unit. It does not only lean on lectures and lecture courses in Leipzig, West Berlin and Saarbrucken, but also it contains a wealth of information that gives the opportunity to create interest in further lexicological issues. Built on the theoretical foundations and achievements of modern lexicology, the work reveals the character of the word as a nomination unit, which through its speech realization performs the communicative function of language. The presentation of word formation is consistent with the role of the derivative word in the structure of the lexical system and clarifying the connection between word-forming and lexical meaning. Semantic connections in the lexical system are addressed in their development and modification to reveal the dynamic nature of vocabulary. The creation of new lexical units, the elimination of outdated words and meanings, as well as the acquisition of a foreign language vocabulary are clarified as adaptation of the vocabulary to the communicative needs of the spokespersons of the language. The included lexicography section contains information that shows the close relationship of lexicology with lexicographical theory and practice.

Designed primarily for philology students, this work will be useful for anyone who seeks to learn and use the Bulgarian word(s) correctly.

About the Author

Vasilka Radeva

Vasilka Radeva

Vasilka Radeva is a graduate of the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ", where she graduated in Bulgarian Philology, defended a dissertation and for several decades read lectures there. In 1994, ... Read more

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Tags: Linguistics, Lexicology, Handbooks & Teaching Aids

Year 16-01-2017
Pages 432
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Genre Linguistics, Lexicology, Handbooks & Teaching Aids

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