The dictator. Life of Stefan Stambolov

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Stefan Nikolov Stambolov was a Bulgarian politician, journalist, revolutionist, and poet who served as Prime Minister and regent. He is considered one of the most important and popular "Founders of Modern Bulgaria", and is sometimes referred to as "the Bulgarian Bismarck". In 1875 and 1876 he took part in the preparation for the Stara Zagora uprising, as well as the April Uprising. Stambolov was, after Stanko Todorov and Todor Zhivkov, one of the country's longest-serving prime ministers. Criticised for his dictatorial methods, he was among the initiators of economic and cultural progress in Bulgaria during the time of the Balkan Wars.

The author of the book, Anton Strashimirov - a noble man from a significant family, whose fate reminds the brothers of Gracchi or Petkovi - is a stunning researcher of Stambolov, that can be compared to himself.

About the Author

Anton Strashimirov

Anton Strashimirov

Anton Todorov Strashimirov (1872-1937) is a Bulgarian writer, playwright, publicist and politician. He was born in the great Bulgarian family Strashimirovi in 1872 in the family of the mason, a migra... Read more

Tags: Military History,Researches,Bulgarian History,Behind the Scenes,Historical Figures,Memoirs & Documents,Biographies & Autobiographies,Bulgarian Authors,Memoirs,Political Science & Politics

Year 12-06-2014
Pages 216
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.34 kg
Collection Колекция "Спасената история"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Military History, Researches, Bulgarian History, Behind the Scenes, Historical Figures, Memoirs & Documents, Biographies & Autobiographies, Bulgarian Authors, Memoirs, Political Science & Politics

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