Women Who Buy Flowers

  • Vanessa Montfort
  • Author:  Vanessa Montfort
  • Collection:  "Kaleidoscope" Collection
  • Year: 16-07-2018
  • Translator from Spanish: Mariana Kitipova
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-0286-1
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In a small, centric neighborhood of the city, there are five women who buy flowers. At first, none does it for herself: one buys them for her secret love, the other for her office, a third to paint them, and yet another for her clients, and the last…. for a dead person. The last is me and this is my story.

The story of a woman, Olivia, who recently lost her husband and landed a short period job in a florist. There, she befriends few other women, all different and with their own stories. Cassandra prefers her work to everything else in her life, including love. Aurora is a painter abused and humiliated by her partner, convinced that the more she suffers the more authentic is her love for him. Victoria lives for the family but, for that reason, she dreams of breaking free. All women in the novel are looking for happiness, in their way, and their stories intertwine. 

About the Author

Vanessa Montfort

Vanessa Montfort

Vanessa Montfort is a Spanish novelist, playwright and theatre director.... Read more

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Tags: Women's Fiction, Modern Novels

Year 16-07-2018
Translator from Spanish: Mariana Kitipova
Pages 368
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.513 kg
Collection Колекция "Красноглед"
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Women's Fiction, Modern Novels

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