Peter the Great. Volume 2

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  • Aleksey Tolstoy
  • Author:  Aleksey Tolstoy
  • Collection:  "Peaks" Collection
  • Year: 09.03.2023
  • Translator from Russian Sider Florin
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  • ISBN: 978-619-01-1173-3
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"Peter the Great" is an epochal historical novel dedicated to the greatest of Russian monarchs. An impeccably written epic, unique in style and scale of events, which depicts one of the most vivid and difficult periods in the history of Russia - the time when it was ruled by Peter the Great - emperor, military commander and reformer.

The creation of the novel, which would become one of Tolstoy's most famous works, was the fruit of sixteen years of labor and a great deal of research that included research by historians, notes by contemporaries of the emperor, diaries, letters, decrees, diplomatic reports, court documents, and literary monuments of the era. Thanks to this research, and, of course, to the author's great talent, the book ranks among the best novels in Russian literature - it not only depicts in detail all the important events of Peter the Great's reign, but also manages to breathe real life into the historical figures within it.

About the Author

Aleksey Tolstoy

Aleksey Tolstoy

Alexei Tolstoy (1883-1945) was a Russian writer, academician, deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Among his most famous works are the historical epics Peter the Great and Walking the Torments, t... Read more

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Tags: Класически романи, Исторически романи

Year 09.03.2023
Translator from Russian Sider Florin
Pages 384
Size 165/235 mm
Weight 0.500
Collection "Peaks"
Cover Type Hardcover
Genre Classics, Historical Fiction
Павел 23/01/2024

Прави впечатление, че Петър Станимиров не участва в оформянето на двата тома на Петър Първи. Значи ли това, че вече няма да е художник на следващите издания?

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