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Turkish proverbs are among the first in the world to be collected and published - almost a thousand years ago. In 1074 Mahmoud Kashgari compiles the first and most important Turkish dictionary (Diwan-i Lugat-it Turk) in Baghdad, including 290 proverbs. They are still alive and in active use today, showing that over the centuries, human nature and human relations have not changed at all, and the truth in them has been very accurately captured by their anonymous creators.

About the Author

Катя Николова (съставител)

Катя Николова (съставител)... Read more

Tags: Turkey,Eastern Wisdom & Philosophy,Sayings & Proverbs,Aphorisms

Year 19-12-2004
Translator compilation and translation from Turkish: Katya Nikolova
Pages 144
Size 130/200 мм
Weight 0.295 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Turkey, Eastern Wisdom & Philosophy, Sayings & Proverbs, Aphorisms

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