Zdravko Zdravesky

Zdravko Zdravesky

Zdravko Zdravesky was born in 1964 in Prilep, Macedonia. He is well aware of his Bulgarian background and he actively participates in the reconstruction of VMRO. In 1998, under the government of Ljubco Georgievski, he joined the Ministry of Interior. He is one of the founders of the Lions, where he was appointed commander of a combat unit and took part in the war against Albanian terrorists in Macedonia. In 2003, when the VMRO-DMPM government fell, he was prosecuted, arrested and beaten in the basements of the police and his family was subjected to threats and repression. After a complicated charge and a far-right trial, they put him in jail, but not as a political prisoner, but as a criminal one. He has lived with his family in Bulgaria for two years.

I, the Bulgarian from Macedonia

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