Latin medical terminology. Textbook for Medical Students and Dental Students

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  • Irena Stankova
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The textbook is intended for for medical students and dental students who study the subject "Latin Medical Terminology" for a period of 60 academic hours. The syllabus is as follows: in the first semester, traditionally, the pronouns are  mastered with the conditional connection between grammatical and lexical material with examples of anatomical, clinical and pharmaceutical terminology. The second part involves the formation of medical terms, introduced for the first time in a textbook for Bulgarian students as a new methodological model that follows the division of the body into systems. The Pharmaceutical Nomenclature section is in line with the new requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and the teaching content taught to pharmacy students at MU-Sofia. The application consists of a table of case-endings, up-to-date diagnoses of various medical specialties and additional exercise materials.

Our goal is for students to adopt modern medical terminology as a basis for their preparation and an integral part of their future professional activities.

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Irena Stankova

Irena Stankova

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Tags: Textbooks, Handbooks & Teaching Aids, Conventional Medicine, Medical Research Studies

Year 29-08-2019
Pages 264
Size 215/290 mm
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Textbooks, Handbooks & Teaching Aids, Conventional Medicine, Medical Research Studies

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