Kill the Shogun: A Samurai Mystery

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  • Dale Furutani
  • Author:  Dale Furutani
  • Year: 20-08-2003
  • Translator from English: Yulian Antonov
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  • ISBN: 954-8945-54-1

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In Kill the Shogun, Dale Furutani returns to the journey of Matsuyama Kaze, the masterless warrior destined to travel the seventeenth-century Japanese countryside until he fulfills the dying wish of his murdered lord's wife. Until now, Kaze's quick wit and samurai skills have enabled him to solve crimes, untangle himself from deadly schemes, and protect the innocent, all the while keeping his sense of justice and honor. But the danger now facing Kaze, from enemies known and unknown, is greater than ever.

Kaze is the closest he's ever come to fulfilling his quest to rescue his lord's kidnapped daughter. Following a trail of clues, he is led to Edo, the bustling new capital of Japan. Treading in unfamiliar territory, Kaze is the object of a deadly manhunt when an attempt on the Shogun's life fails. He must dodge his lord's rivals, even as he learns that the young girl has been sold into prostitution. In his quest to save her, Kaze teams up with an eccentric cast of local characters who bring feudal Japan to life. The samurai must clear his name and rescue the child as the odds against him grow.

About the Author

Dale Furutani

Dale Furutani

Dale Furutani (born December 1, 1946, in Hilo, Hawaii) is the first Asian American to win major mystery writing awards. He has won the Anthony Award and the Macavity Award and has been nominated for t... Read more

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Tags: Detective,Historical Fiction,Crime,Adventure Novels,Eastern Fiction Books,Modern Novels,Samurais,Japan

Year 20-08-2003
Translator from English: Yulian Antonov
Pages 208
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.167 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Detective, Historical Fiction, Crime, Adventure Novels, Eastern Fiction Books, Modern Novels, Samurais, Japan

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