Body and Mature Behavior: A Study of Anxiety, Sex, Gravitation, and Learning

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  • Moshé Feldenkrais
  • Author:  Moshé Feldenkrais
  • Year: 24-04-2017
  • Translator From English: Lora Tsoneva
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First published in 1949 this clear systematic treatment of the psycho-physiological foundations of Dr. Feldenkrais' theories is a widely accepted classic. He describes in neuro-physiological and psychological terms how patterns of movement and posture are acquired and relates movement habits to social and sexual development. This is a rich and somewhat technical book.

 A victim of debilitating injuries, Moshe Feldenkrais was intimately aware of the link between bodily suffering and mental health. Through healing himself, he made revolutionary discoveries, culminating in the development of the method that now bears his name. In an intellectually rich and eloquent style, Feldenkrais delves into neurology, prehistory, child development, gravity and anti-gravity, reflexive versus learned behavior, the effects of emotion, especially anxiety, on posture, and most importantly, the inseparability of body and mind.

About the Author

Moshé Feldenkrais

Moshé Feldenkrais

Moshé Pinchas Feldenkrais (1904 – 1984) was an Israeli engineer and the founder of the Feldenkrais Method, which is claimed to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement; ... Read more

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Tags: Healthy Body,Brain & Thinking,Medicine,Famous Psychologists,Mental Health,Psychotherapy,Consciousness & Subconsciousness,Trauma & Stress

Year 24-04-2017
Translator From English: Lora Tsoneva
Pages 272
Size 140/215 мм
Weight 0.35 kg
Cover Type Paperback
Genre Healthy Body, Brain & Thinking, Medicine, Famous Psychologists, Mental Health, Psychotherapy, Consciousness & Subconsciousness, Trauma & Stress

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