Body and Daily World. Cases of Total Loss of Vision

  • Boryana Bundzhulova
  • Author:  Boryana Bundzhulova
  • Year: 11-05-2017
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This book is based on my dissertation on the subject of the world of a man with complete loss of vision, with head of the research team, Prof. Maya Grekova. I thank Professor Grekova for the careful reading of my work, the valuable guidelines and comments on the text, especially regarding the field of perception and interaction with the Other. I also thank her for her personal support that I was feeling the entire time. The book is built on the dissertation, but at the same time revises it and enriches it with the intention of both my further research activities and the redefinition of this text through the comments and recommendations of the scientific jury.

This book is an unusual study. The idea of ​​it came in 2013 when I started to examine the world of people with disabilities as invisible people in society. I knew then that this was a huge topic and I could not deal with it alone. The scope of the subject had to be narrowed. My previous research at the University, related to my body as a research subject, the body of the Other, the attitude and interaction between me and the Other, as well as my interests in phenomenology helped me outline the boundaries of the research field. And my focus fell on the world of the blind man, living in a world where the visual dominates everything else.

About the Author

Boryana Bundzhulova

Boryana Bundzhulova

Boryana Bundzhulova is a Ph.D. in Sociology and Chief Assistant at the Department of Sociology at the Philosophical Faculty of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". She works in the fields of phen... Read more

Tags: Medicine, The Human Brain, Intelligence, Mental Health, Trauma & Stress, Sociology

Year 11-05-2017
Pages 320
Size 140/215 мм
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Cover Type Paperback
Genre Medicine, The Human Brain, Intelligence, Mental Health, Trauma & Stress, Sociology

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